Box Oven Solar Cooker


  Sealed cooking chamber affords
better baking options.
Nearly cube-shaped box cut on diagonal as shown. Leave one top flap and also opposite side panel attached for use as reflectors. Maintain very straight edges for tight seal .
Sides, back and bottom are 1-1.5 inches thick with cut-to-size- insulating cardboard glued in layers . Cover with overlapping aluminum printing press plates screwed into cardboard.  
Plates painted with dark engine paint. Window glass cut to size of box's outer edges and
glass' edges covered with duct tape.
Exposed cardboard edges covered by adhesive window-sealing foam with excess (if available) placed across top edge, making 2 rows.  

Fiberglass rod shown with clamp -- holds panels at correct angles to reflect sunlight
to back bottom corner for optimum
solar gain (heating).


Early morning / late afternoon cooking utilizes large reflector on top. During midday, use large reflector positioned on the bottom. Glazing / glass seals oven for cooking.

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