Fold-Up Solar Cooker

  Pre-cut aluminum foil/reflective mylar piece(s) to exact size for each surface of cooker (pressboard /cardboard). Use Elmer's glue or tape. Place foil / mylar onto prepared surface. Two people makes this job easier.
  Use cloth over panel to smooth foil / mylar and assure good adhesion. Press from the center outward in all directions. Apply duct tape over all exposed edges of panels to seal foil / mylar.    
  Tape should half cover foil side and back side and overlap at corners.. Velcro fasteners can be applied to vertical reflector panels to form hinges. Duct tape can substitute but results in a looser fit.
Velcro closer tabs applied on opposite sides
from hinges.
Reflector panels are ready to place on bottom panel.
Place pot on dark painted can to raise it to optimum cooking position. (Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 way up.)
Cover pot and can with Reynolds Oven Bag. Use small stones to secure bag to bottom. Focus cooker by positioning so its shadow goes straight back.

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