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How to Make Your Own Solar Cooker
by Greg Lynch
     You can cook a meal in a home-made solar cooker. I have cooked chickens, potatoes, rice, fish, squash, bread, deserts and many other foods in my cookers. They are easy to make and fun to use. As a bonus, you may also discover the wonderful taste of solar-cooked food just as I and many of my friends have.
Solar Cooked Wild Rice
Solar Cooked Chicken
      You probably have access to the basic supplies and tools needed to build the solar cooker: aluminum foil, tape measure, duct tape, scissors, utility knife, Elmer's glue and sturdy cardboard box.  You may also want some of these optional items: double-sided tape, spray adhesive, reflective mylar and pressboards.
You can maximize the heat in your solar cooker by using Reynolds Oven Bags and a large tin can that is painted a dark color and punched with holes in the top. This elevates the food into the maximum heat area of the cooker. The bag is anchored to the bottom of the cooker with several small stones. Use the buttons at the top of this page to find out more detailed instruction on specific solar cookers.

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