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Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants
Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Learn how to identify
commonly found plants
and how to utilize these
gifts from Mother Nature.

How to Build Your Own Solar Cooker
Enjoy Meals Cooked by the Sun

Save fuel and enjoy using the
un to cook your food! Learn how to
make your own solar cooker from new
or recycled materials. Discover the
delicious taste of solar-charged food.

Fireless Cooking
Experiment with a Hi-Tech Haybox

Learn how to cook while you work
by using the old fashioned haybox
idea. Modern materials makes it
easy and convenient to cook
with retained heat, free from a
continual source of energy.

Winter Emergency Preparedness
Be Prepared!

Learn how to keep warm and cozy
in freezing weather even if the power
has gone off. During an emergency it's
important to meet your basic needs of
food, water, warmth and shelter.
This workshop is filled with
easy-to-do, low-tech ideas.

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